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Game Summary

10 months ago

2019 Owls Invitational

Game Date
Aug 20, 2016

It was a beautiful day for tennis and for starting the boys tennis season.  The 6th Annual Owls Invitational went without a hitch and we were thankful for all the teams that participated and all their fans.

In their first appearance at the tournament, Mount Vernon took away the championship, losing only a single match at a single position all day.  They beat University, Penn JV, then Randolph Southern to win the day.

The rest of the results follow:

2nd - Randolph Southern (defeated Muncie Central and Blackford before losing to Mount Vernon)

3rd - Penn JV (defeated Burris, lost to Mount Vernon, defeated Blackford)

4th - Blackford (defeated Elwood, lost to Randolph Southern, lost to Penn JV)

5th - University (lost to Mount Vernon, defeated Burris, defeated Muncie Central)

6th - Muncie Central (lost to Randolph Southern, defeated Elwood, lost to University)

7th - Burris (lost to Penn JV and University, defeated Elwood)

8th - Elwood (lost to Blackford, Muncie Central, Burris)

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