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7 months ago by MR. Wlodarek

2019 PAAC MS Soccer Tournament

2019 7/8 Middle School PAAC Soccer Tournament




When:             Saturday, October 5th, 10:00am

Location:         International School of Indiana 4330 N Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46208

                        Blackwell Soccer Field and Varsity Soccer Field


Schedule & Full Bracket:

See picture attached


Format of play:

11 v 11.  Minimum of seven (7) players are required to start a match.  If a team has less than 7 players the team will forfeit the match 10 minutes past the start time.  It is not required that a team play down to the number of players a team is missing, but is encouraged if the match becomes very one sided or the team scores six or more goals than the other team.  Games will have two 25min periods.  A two ref system will be in place.  The team listed in the top of each bracket is the home team and will decide which end to defend.  The away team will get the kickoff to start the match.  Unlimited substitutions.  All teams will play at least two games.  Tie breaker:  In the event of a tie score after regular play, the match will immediately go to a PK shoot out.  Each team will select 5 players to kick and only players on the field at the end of the game may be selected.  Teams will alternate kicks – first team to kick will be determined by the referee’s coin toss.  If the score remains tied after 5 kicks then teams will continue alternating kicks until a winner is determined.  All eligible players must kick before any player can repeat.  Keepers can be changed after any shot.


Any modifications to the play format will be made at the discretion of officials and the host site athletic director.   Factors for modifying the format will typically be weather related.




Pool play matches may not end in a tie.  The following scoring format will be used to determine team rankings in pool play: three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, zero (0) points for a loss and (1) point for a shut-out.  In the event of a tie in the final point standings, the following sequence will be used:


  1. Head to head competition between teams that are tied.
  2. Winner of the most games.
  3. Fewest goals allowed.
  4. Best goal differential for all matches – up to 4 per match.
  5. Most goals scored – up to 4 per match.
  6. Coin Toss.




Cost & Parking:

Each vehicle will be charged $5 for parking and entrance fee to the event.  No gate fee will apply.  Team buses will not be charged to enter.  Parking and drop off for all designated school vehicles will be at the Blackwell parking lot.  Handicap parking is also available in the Blackwell lot.  All vehicles must be parked in designated lots.  Absolutely no parking is allowed on the access roads on campus.  Everyone is reminded to not leave valuables in your vehicle while on campus.


Team Camps:

Team camps should be set up in the grass along the sidewalk between the two fields as shown on the map.  All canopy tents must be secured with weights or stakes.  International reserves the right to have tents removed that are not secured.  Teams may use the designated warm up area located on the map.  Water will be provided to the teams currently playing a match.  Teams are encouraged to bring extra water for between matches.


Restroom Facilities:

Restrooms and locker rooms are available inside the Blackwell Building.  Portable restrooms are available off the southeast corner of the varsity field.  Please stay off of the gym floor.



International will have a CASH ONLY concession stand available with snacks, bottled/can drinks, and we are planning to grill out.

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