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Team News.

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 8:13PM by Mr. Wlodarek

Summer Conditioning



Welcome to another year of Burris Soccer.  I have been chosen to be the next Burris Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach for this upcoming season and would like to get summer practices started this week.  Burris has had a successful tradition with their Boys Soccer program and we want to continue this tradition during the 2019 Fall Soccer Season.  In order to do this, the players must work hard over the summer to stay in soccer shape as most club soccer is coming to an end this weekend for the summer.  


It will be impossible to meet everyone’s ideal schedule for practices; however, the more practice, conditional and weight training players can do over the summer months, the better success our team will have in the fall.


I know this is short notice and that players and their families will be starting to take vacations and making other travel plans.  However, it will be very difficult to run practices with limited participation.  As such, we will start the summer soccer practice schedule on Wednesday, weather permitting from 5:30PM-7:30PM at Heath Field.  Hopefully, this message will reach you in time to get your player to practice.  We will start our first conditioning practice on Friday, June 7th from 7:00AM to 8:15AM at Westside Park.  We will be stretching from 7-7:15AM and then running till the end of practice.  Have your players start today running on their own (a mile or two at their own pace) to begin getting in shape for these practices.


My initial desire during June is to have at least two (2) practices a week in the evenings as well as two (2) conditioning practice days in the morning.  The evening practices will typically be at Heath Farms, on the Burris practice fields.  The morning conditioning will be in different places such as the Muncie riverfront trail starting at Westside Park, the Yorktown Park at Morrow’s Meadow, the Cardinal Greenway, etc.  We will be doing a lot of running this season to make sure that our players are in the best shape to weather the long soccer matches as well as the heat typically faced during the August and September months of soccer season.  Even if your player has been playing soccer matches all spring, they probably do not have the endurance necessary for the fall season.  I look forward to allowing the players to get me back into running shape.  Motivation has to come from somewhere!


We also welcome a new JV coach to Burris this year, Brendan Stangel.  He will be a Junior at Ball State and his skill set will complement mine as his focus is on defense and goalkeeping.  He played college soccer as a goalie for two (2) years prior to coming to Ball State and was a goalie on the developmental team for Indiana prior to college.


I will circulate a calendar for the summer as soon as possible as I am still trying to get access to all of the websites.  I also plan to set up a TeamSnap or other similar account so that we can all communicate with regard to team events as well as to better know how many players we will have at each practice.


I am looking forward to working with your players this season.  Thanks for your support of Burris and its athletics.  Go Owls!


Coach David J. Karnes, esquire
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